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A Letter to my Father

Dear Henry Taylor ,

Its your daughter here. Its been a while since we've met in a dream. Since thats the only time we get to spend time. I was a toddler when you left this earth in the physical yet you still linger in my memory to this day. Still you trigger my existential thoughts.

Reminders that all that glitters isn't gold ... LIFE!?

Who knew you wouldn't stand the test of time , that you were no match for the complex labyrinth of emotion & reason. That your goal was to be remembered & to leave a long standing legacy and you did JUST that . I wonder if thats what you meant. I wonder if knowing such complexities of the world made it that much more difficult to navigate? I wonder if you knew that time would be effected by how you'd cope...

They say hindsight is 2020 but from what perspective are you looking from in 2021 when life caught up to you in 1994..? Are you still perceiving ambition in the same light ? Did you even know that I'd be following your footsteps as if it were primal instinct, did you know..?

Or are both sides of the coin still based on one lingering yet relentless struggle to live in two worlds which together encompass an existence...

My take away from it all is to stay true to myself and let that suffice. Thank you for living your life and inadvertently shaping me into the woman I am. I marvel at the effects you've had even though our time on this earth only overlapped for a short period of time. The thought is profound!

Youre the reason I strive my best to live out my life ambitions. In hope that I too can experience the immortal powers that Ambition hath.. I can only speculate all that I will be at this point.

Whatever form that manifests itself in, I too want to be remembered & stand the test of time - Even if I cannot physically be here to see that come full circle.

In the meantime, I will keep making you proud. Say Hello to Nellie Mae for me. give her a kiss and in closing, Happy Birthday!

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