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Constance Taylor


Constance by birth  -  Connie by those who love me .. ConnieTaylor added by those who have had the experience of working with me.


Ive always been that person in my circle of friends that was motivating force 

Encouraging friend. Always concerned about hopes, dreams and aspirations and often that person who will follow up to ask “ Hey, so hows that thing going ?”

Which in large part is the reason behind the inception of Today’s Tmrrw  - in short a platform used to showcase those actively pursuing their goals & aspirations . No matter what avenue that seems to be in. A place where creatives as a collective can be held  accountable and push ourselves forward. All #ForTheCulture .


My INTJ energy giving the ability to mastermind & always see the bigger picture, I've been able to curate and collaborate on countless events with a list of friends and colleagues .

Ideal clients include creatives who are well aware of what their goals are, decisive & who are ready to take the necessary actions to see their visions come to fruition. 

Book a session & let’s start game planning TADAY!

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