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Safe Travel in a SNAP

The element the CDC should've mandated w| masks!

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We've all been outside and seen some unsanitary things go down.. From someone coughing, sneezing, picking their nose - all the while, touching things. If not, you're naive to think its not happening just cause you don't see it.

The #1 way to contract most common viruses is by touch, thus sharing is NOT always caring!

The CDC has repeatedly mandated masks, but not a damn thing for physical touch.. 🧐

Are you willing to voluntarily  expose yourself to these surfaces ?

Growing up in Harlem, NYC - Ive seen my fair share of 'WTF' moments! not only as it relates to people coughing, sneezing and touching stuff, but overall unsanitary conditions when I traveled locally and even as I began to travel abroad..

So I asked myself; do I want to handle these surfaces knowing what I know?

I respectfully decline.

My concerns, originating during the 'SlapWatch' era, Influenced the initial crown cuff conception. The easy slap on/off & the soft silicone finish are all things I had in mind then for the Crown Cuff of today..

The Crown Cuff ( Patent Pending ) 

Gives public transit riders a peace of mind when it comes to staying safe during the current pandemic & beyond! 

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