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Big Things Coming..

Wanted to drop an update for those of you who have been rocking with me This journey has been interesting to say the least and as my team and I continue to pivot and adapt to the rollercoaster which is business, I wanted to make sure that I'm not leaving you guys in the dark..

Here I am to shed some light ..

One of our biggest goals here ar C Taylor Co is to provide the highest quality SOLUTIONS to a need that hasn't been met in the market. With The Crown Cuff I beleive we are doing that one cuff at a time.

That said, while we work on the next campaign production there will be ways to get cuffs to the people until we get hit the target for mass production. Cause as time goes on in a post pandemic world we are STILL seeing a need. Thank you to all the supporters who have sent out pictures of people riding public transit using napkins, gloves, sleeves, etc. cause it only shows us that there's still a need for us to SHOW UP!

THIS month, we have added new cuff designs to the site. which you can find by visiting and hitting 'Shop' . Also, we're excited to share that we've made it to the big screen! In just 10 days .. Saturday June 17th 2023 Meet us in Brooklyn New York to celebrate the movie screening of The Movement : World War 3 curated, directed, & starring THE Bobby Stone. It wont be an event to miss and The Crown Cuff will be featured in it as well so go get your tickets now at & click 'Movement WW3 Movie Screening' at the top of the page.

We appreciate every share, tag & referal. Don't forget to subscribe to the CTaylor Co brand by searching ' @CTaylorCo_ ' on Instagram & Youtube. Lastly don't forget to subscribe for more recent updates by visiting click on 'Contact' & sign up for the latest !

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