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Gainzzz Fitness Programing & 21 day Jumprope Challenge

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

February. The Month of Love, who better to love up on then MYESLF 🥰.

What better way to show myself some self love than to taking care of what matters most.. my physical health. Now I am not dissatisfied with my physical appearances, and am overall please with what I see in the mirror. However, ever since leaving the hustle & bustle of NYC life, trading in my metrocard for car keys, therefore walking A LOT less, I owe it to myself to be more intentional than I had been about my physical activity.

Luckily I personally know people that could help! Mid January, Is saw my good friend Andrea post on the @Jumpropequeens IG page that February was the start of the next 21 day Jumprope challenge. Then I was in talks with my Hershey Haas about this course he was in the working on for GainzzzFitness, teaching the people about a term he's coined as 'physical literacy'. The idea is to inform the masses, so they can be good physically. Much like one would take the time to inform themselves on financial literacy. He's been doing this for years and has been posting some informative videos on YouTube about finding my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). With this info I was able to calculate for myself how much my caloric intake needed to be in order to reach my target goals. ( which at this time is not to gain or lose, but to simply maintain where I am currently) I also had a serious conversation, resulting in Haas telling me that just walking BJ around the block wasnt going to cut it for daily physical activity.. which I knew, but appreciated cause this was followed up by a 4 week exercise program. (WOHOO!) Talk about solutions oriented.

BET! Lets get it!!

So I took on the task of joining Andreya's Challenge. The challenge included taking days to jump rope for a certain amount of time, do an additional workout and cut red meats and carbs from your diet completely. Although I didn't make any changes to my diet, I did participate in the additional workouts that I had been programmed for via GainzzzFitness. This allowed me to hit my current daily activity level goals. I made sure I jumped for a minimum of 30 mins each day I was not training. I decided to do this to make sure that each day I was being more intentional about getting my heart rate up, which this allowed me to do.

First thing I did was sign the mental contract with myself saying that I'd be committing to this. Secondly, learning about the different movements as well as taking the time to calculate my personal Basal Metabolic Rate was worth it to know what I should be consuming on a daily bases to fuel my body for my basic daily tasks. I actually found out that I had been eating at a deficit this whole time, but I'll get to that in another post.. Lastly is dealing with the pain and soreness experienced days later after a workout well done. I take it as a job well done, which propels me into the next workouts to come!

Even though the Jumprope challenge is complete, I still will be incorporating it into my activities for cardio. As for my programming, I still have more weeks to go ( I currently just finished week 1)

& although I have no progress or major goals in mind, I look forward to becoming the best version of myself for MYSELF 🧡!

How have you loved up on YOU this month ..? Share in Comments Below!

Follow @JumpRopeQueens on Instagram to be updated on the next 21 day JumpRope Challenge!

Visit , subscribe for updates, buy some merch, & Enroll in the most current course, you won't regret it, a better you awaits on the other side - See you there 😉

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Thanks so much. Trying to be the change I want to see in the world. & it starts with becoming the best version of ME 🥰


I'm here for the self love 🙌🏿🙌🏿 Great Job!!

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