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Issa Book Review: Mastering the skill of Reinvention by Pamela Mitchell

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Hello one 'n all, welcome to the CTLYR Book club..

Ill keep trying different names til I fond one that sticks, but in the meantime, welcome to my page, welcome back ( if you're not new here ) & here I go with another book review which I'll be doing alot more of in 2022.

The book I want to share with you guys is : Mastering the skill of Reinvention by Pamela Mitchell. It is an audible original book so if you're interested I'll leave the link to it at some point so that you can check it out, but here's my synapsis .

This Audible original takes you on a guided coaching session with Coach Pamela, who is a reinvention coach who has not only helps her clients reinvent themselves, but has gone through a few reinventions herself. Which she shares throughout, giving her the experience needed to counsel the listener, who may or may not be on a path to reinvention themselves . Coach Pamela goes in depth about the pitfalls you may face, the mindset you must construct and the actions needed to both assess, and make a move towards the life you want to live. If thats what you want to do of course!

Although alot of the examples given are geared towards a career reinvention, all the topics discussed in the original could, and is still intended to be used in whatever way you see fit. be it personal or otherwise!

Now I personally didn't fully know what to make of this audible original, as I came across it completely by chance. After reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes ( check out my review on that) I was open to 'new' things and opportunities to learn , and find more things to say 'YES!' to. This audible original just happened to be in my recommended list and I figured "Why not?.." So there is where my journey began, and even though the coaching was virtual, the journey coach P (as she says it) proceeded to take me places I didn't expect to go, had me asking "I wonder if they'd cover this on my insurance?".

I didn't personally have a reinvention in mind, but I went into listening with an open mind. Im glad I did. After going through all the phases of reinvention, from giving yourself permission, to amplifying your greatness I had so many breakthroughs & take aways from this audible original. At the end of each chapter, there would be a list of 'coaching request' where Coach Pamela would give action steps pertaining to the chapter just covered, even reminders & things to keep in mind as you take on the phase previously discussed. One major take away I received, was the section where you craft a current internal story. This is the story you tell yourself when you internalize the question 'how you feel about your life?', 'what do you do to you?', etc.

I was listening while working so I wrote it down in my planner to do that evening & the strangest thing happened.. I didnt do the exercise. Thats not the strange part, but the next day I continued listening and had to come back to this section to re-listen as I had with a few other notable parts.

I'd found myself stuck on this part because I started to actually think about my answer to this question. It didn't help that it was a question to management by management, but the fact that I drew a blank took me back. Like to another level of wow that I had never been to before. Not having a clear cut answer for 'the world' is one thing but not having one for myself is definitely something thats not okay with me. Reading this allowed me to realize what I needed to work on and now that I know, I am greatful that its within my control. It's just time to do the work 🙌🏽.

this audible has been a gem for me and one filled with those moments that you just have to run back just to retain the much needed info being shared. it has sparked a greater sense of intention in me and even inspired me to think about joining ( or even creating) a mastermind group to continue this inspiration and keep myself and others accountable on this journey. After this listen,I realized that this journey is never really over, and life is more like a science project then we give it credit for . Shifting your mindset to be ready for whats to come is the first step of growing through any obstacle that may come your way. I would most definitely recommend this audible original , on my scale of 1-10 , the read was a 8, the message was a 9, and the take-aways were an easy 10!

click here to check out this book for yourself, & let me know what you think if you've read it !

Lastly, let me know if you’d recommend any mastermind groups or communities OR you think I should start one of my own.. #CommentBelow

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