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My Intro to Manifesting...

Story #1 in a 7 story experience series -- Based on : Write a story about an episode in your life.

The Time I manifested a Car!

Let's set the scene, I was Young Connie, just moving from NYC to Meridian, Idaho. Ive taken the huge leap to a new life on the completely opposite side of the country, leaving behind what most would consider a comfortable life. Good paying government job with the City, living in my own apartment, with a car that was paid off. Life was good, but in good ole CTAYLOR fashion; there I go.. Shaking things up !

Here I am.. In the middle of literal NO WHERE with no real plan, but always planning. Although I was grateful to have access to a vehicle, and the way the universe be making ways out of no way, I was able to land a job in ear shot of the person I was sharing a car with. Cause ya'll know that most places outside of a metro city like NYC.. You're going to need a vehicle!

Considering the opportunities and blessings that Ive been given, I still knew that at some point, I'd need my own. It's just the way I'm wired. The only thing was that I had just moved to this foreign land, low funds, and a situation that had enabled me to not really NEED my own vehicle. Lucky for me, I'm very seldom reactive.

Even prior to moving to Idaho. I had in my minds eye what kind of car I wanted. Yes, I did already have a car, but like I said.. I was thinking 10 or more steps ahead! (You'll see how in a bit) So I had screenshots of the car that I'd have next. by the time I was in the situation where I was on the market for a vehicle of my own, I knew what make model and year car I wanted.

Fast forward a few years into Idaho living... times and situation where changing, and with a new job opportunity arising in a different state it was becoming less feasible to continue to share a car. Although we did a great job of making it work, it was becoming more and more necessary for another car to ease the stresses of transportation.

Not yet on the market for a car. At this point , I had just experienced first hand the process of upgrading the original shared vehicle, so I knew that credit checks, down payments, and negotiations were in order. I kinda already knew what I was looking for & since I didn't have an existing car to trade in - that was one less thing to worry about.

I got to work. My time started to consist of extensive research of what a good milage was, ranges for monthly payments, Even what to expect to put as far as money down. as a result, I went into the market knowing I wanted a car with a year no later than 2012, less than 100,000 miles, with a monthly payment of no more than $250 per month.

Lucky for me there was a host of sites that were equipped with search and filter criteria, which was more than what I needed to pin point precisely what the market was looking like.. It took a month or so to compile a list of suiters, which ultimately landed me to the car that I ultimately set my eyes on.. It was 2012, with only 63k on it .. Yea this the one. not only was it the perfect catch for me, but the dealership was just a short drive from where I lived.. couldn't get more convenient than that! So one day after work, I set out to go to the dealership.. knowing how much I was going to offer down, everything rehearsed in my head, I had all my negotiating points to a tee! Just know I was going after exactly what I wanted.. and nothing less!

I Drove off the lot with the car, only put 2500 down, with a monthly payment of 242 per month! There's no way you can't tell me that I didn't manifest this outcome, but the crazy part of it all is that I didn't see it that way until a long while after my purchase.. It wasn't until looking through pics from my old phone, I saw a screenshot of the very car I had now owned in my gallery. YEARS PRIOR to even considering moving or ever needing a car... 🤯

In hindsight, I believe that my ability to manifest this was due to clarifying in my minds eye what it was that I wanted. In some ways before I even knew I needed it. my ability to research assisted with this along with the fact that I knew what I was looking for allowed me to go for the things I wanted while dismissing the things I didn't. So my advice to you (as well as myself) is: while trying to manifest, be both clear and intentional about what it is so you can get just that.. I have witnessed too many times people get exactly what they asked for, but it wasn't precisely what they wanted cause they were vague with their ask. the more detailed, the better -- Now go out there and get what you askin for!

-- Comment below if you've ever manifested something in your life, no mater how big or small! Did you know you were manifesting? or did you realize it after the fact ? LMK below --

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