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Social Media Day!

Happy social media day! To celebrate, I figured I’d take the time to share about me since I don't often & have some pretty dope stuff going on. #StoryTime

This Gem; (to the right) was taken in 2019 while working at HRG in Meridian,Idaho. What a great experience working within that unique office culture!

That same summer I helped coordinate a Fashion show /Brunch two timezones away in Bridgeport CT. Successfully! So when life took a turn, causing me to have to leave Idaho, I was going to try my hand at event coordinating professionally since it had been something I'd been doing since 2012 for myself. Bringing folks together for networking mixers n'such.

Then the pandemic hit 🦠. Lockdown aided in refocusing the vision I had for myself, reigniting an inception I had years ago while growing up in the urban playground that is NYC. One that I was working on but never put much time into with 'Life' at the time.. Plus, the virus gave way to a name that I could never have come up with.. The Corona Cuff, now coined Crown Cuff ©️ was in full effect! A patent, second LLC & thousands of dollars invested later— I am in the works of Securing the first round of production for the Crown Cuff & will be starting a crowd funding campaign in the near future (stay tuned). In the meantime, I'm selling ones handmade by me!

Since outside has opened back up, I've been humbled to be both booked and busy this summer ☀️ As I will be Moderating a panel discussion of professionals on July 9th at the TNOS mini festival — Then, I have the pleasure of joining forces with ZuriNation to Bring a much needed event called Back To Basics w| B.A.E : Helping creatives reconnect to what they enjoy while reaching their professional goals ✨ on July 31st!

Through various employment opportunities, this time around I'm choosing to stay aligned with what I enjoy as much as I can. . Bringing people together to add value - that's the thing for me.

If you made it this far.. Thanks for sticking with me! To learn more about what I'm working on subscribe for updates & support if you can on

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