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This Rose from Harlem...

Hello & welcome to my piece of cyber space . Take your shoes off & get comfy, cause its cozy on these parts, so make yourself at home !

My name is C Taylor and the 'C' is for Creative.

Lover of all things ratchet while remaining responsible.

Former Radio personality, ready to shake the world with what I have to offer.

What is that exactly ?

In a nutshell, I am pretty amazing Event Coordinator & a recent Patent Pending Executive. Strategy is my jam, & Ive been curating dope events since 2012. Ive just recently became a Patent Pending innovator as of August 2021. With a product that will be coming to market in a metropolitan city near you soon.

Been thru some things that should have broke me but now willing to share the beauty you can find in undesirable situations. From this platform you can expect : my outlook on the things in my world that serve as muses. Most of the times its books, music, events, or situations. But lets not put me in a box. With that said lets keep an open mind and take this journey together! Feel free to challenge my viewpoint and correct me if you feel Im wrong ( respectfully ) 😌

& hold me accountable. Im creating a safe space here..

I hope that this ride is as enjoyable for you as it has & continues to be for me as I literally fail forward. The only rule is that you have to PROMISE that you look up any references that I mention that you're not up on . Cause google is free and y'all be quick to judge, so make sure you come correct before you come for my head top🙃

Thanks in advance!

Anyways, I will continue to show up in the space as my Authentic self & I give you permission to do the same .. WELCOME 🪴

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